Chapter Website Development

Supercharge Your Website! Enhance Your Web Presence.

Your chapter’s visibility is important and what better way is there than to raise your profile through a robust online presence?

Currently, all SPE chapters have static web pages posted on with minimal information about each chapter. But, if you’re looking to take your chapter to the next level that goes beyond a basic listing on HQ’s website, SPE is offering chapter website options that will boost your online presence, while considering your chapter's goals, budget and technical know-how.

Chapter website options include:

  1. Chapter-Managed Website Need more than the basics? Want to manage your chapter website on your own? Need a stronger 'look and feel' with more content and images? Does your chapter already have a website but with obsolete functionality that is difficult to administer? Then this option is right for you!
  2. SPE HQ-Managed Website Lacking the capacity to manage your own site but want more than the basics? This option is for chapters that need a professionally designed and fully functional website but don't have the technical resources to manage it.

OPTION 1: Chapter-Managed Website

Option 1 is for chapters with some technical experience wanting to easily manage their own websites on their own time.

OPTION 1 Details:

You will be given admin access to manage your chapter website.

Chapter-Managed websites allow you to:

  • Manage Chapter website look and feel (in accordance to SPE Brand Guidelines)
  • Manage content and images
  • Set up pages with member/non-member level access
  • Automatically connect chapter members directly to SPE HQ so chapters don’t have to manage their member data on their own
  • Use and integrate SPE HQ services such as joining the organization and registering for events

OPTION 1 SPE HQ Services Include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Initial website and site navigation set-up
  • Migration of existing site (if applicable) including: content, images, documents

OPTION 1 Costs:

  • Initial website set-up fee: $300 (one-time charge)
  • Hosting fee: $300/Annual
  • Additional Website Services and SPE HQ support (as needed): $175/hour, ¼ hour minimum per activity

OPTION 2: SPE HQ-Managed Website

Option 2 is for chapters who want their websites to be managed by SPE Headquarters. Chapters work with HQ in a consultative capacity to determine website needs.

OPTION 2 Details:

Chapters choosing this option will be charged a monthly fee by SPE HQ to develop and manage their websites.

HQ-Managed websites include:

  • Website look and feel in accordance to SPE Brand Guidelines
  • Website maintenance and upkeep, including content and image updates
  • Chapter member data integration with SPE HQ
  • Use and integrate SPE HQ services such as joining the organization and registering for events


OPTION 2 SPE HQ Services Include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Website setup, updates and maintenance

OPTION 2 Costs:

  • Initial website set-up fee: $300 (one-time charge)
  • Hosting fee: $300/Annual
  • Ongoing Monthly Fee: $150/month (includes up to 2 hours of service per month)
  • Additional Services (as needed): $80/hour, ¼ hour minimum per activity

Additional Website Services

The following are considered Additional Website Services and will generate additional costs (they are NOT included in chapter website option costs):

  • Meeting registration forms and set-up
  • Meeting registration reports
  • Webpage analytics reports
  • Event apps
  • Call for abstract/paper submissions and judging
  • Conference proceedings/paper migration
  • Officer elections
  • Award submissions
  • Graphic design (web page headers, logos, advertising)

Contact Us!

If you would like more information about chapter websites or other web-based services, please submit your request using our SPE HQ Services Request form and we will be in touch shortly.

Sample Chapter Websites

Below are examples of chapter website homepages (l-r): SPE Composites; SPE Northwestern Pennsylvania; and SPE Mold Technologies.

  Welcome Page