PlastiVan®: changing the perception of plastics one classroom at a time

Through lively demonstrations and hands-on activities, the PlastiVan® Program is designed to excite students about opportunities in science and engineering within the plastics industry. Students are educated about the chemistry, history, processing, manufacturing, and sustainability of plastics and how the science and real-world applications relate to their everyday lives. PlastiVan provides sound science and educational programs which spark scientific curiosity in students while increasing their knowledge of the contribution plastics make to modern life; encouraging them to seek careers in engineering. The program is aligned with NGSS standards.

To request the PlastiVan® Program or more information, contact Mark Richardson at

"THANK YOU for bringing the PlastiVan® program to Clarkston Junior High. The students were interested and engaged the whole time. We as teachers were also very excited as we discussed new ways to integrate the concepts into our curriculum."

- CJHS 8th Grade Science Teacher

Plastivan® FAQs

PlastiVan® is a national education outreach program conducted by the SPE Foundation. The program is available throughout the United States educating students, teachers, and the general public about the chemistry, history, processing, applications, and environmental issues of plastics.

Due to the generosity of our development sponsors, PlastiVan® is able to shift gears, during this time, and use our resources to create online offerings for our stakeholders. This includes developing PlastiVan Classic, PlastiVan® Sustainability and newer topics into video modules for middle and high school. All modules are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards so teachers can choose the most relevant resources for their classes.
Historically, PlastiVan® was an actual van but now we fly and drive all over the United States. Since 2014, over 140,000 students have been impacted by the PlastiVan® Program in-person and virtually.

Schedule PlastiVideo™ at least 1-2 weeks in advance.
Schedule the live PlastiVan® program at least 4 weeks in advance but our calendar fills up fast so earlier is better. We can schedule one year in advance.

Contact Mark Richardson at for additional information or to start the conversation about scheduling PlastiVan® or PlastiVideo™.

Sponsorships and grants are available. No school will be turned away.

The cost for one educator to visit a school or an event is $1750 per day. This includes one educator teaching a maximum of 5 classes of 40 students a day (200 students total). The educator will bring all necessary supplies.
The cost for the PlastiVideo™ program is $1500 for 30-day access.

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